DNA Appliances – More Benefits than Meets the Eye

More and more, sleep apnea patients have been turning to DNA appliances for sleep apnea relief – but there is more to DNA appliances than just alleviating and curing sleep apnea symptoms.

At Dassani Dentistry, we are proud to now offer DNA appliances to our patients. DNA appliances can not only help sleep apnea sufferers, but also improve patients’ dental and overall health.  That’s why we wanted to answer a few of the most commonly asked questions we get about DNA appliances. 

How can a DNA appliance help you?
1. Get back to restful nights of sleep by treating sleep apnea without medication, surgery or the need for a CPAP.
2. Reduce loud and sleep obstructive snoring (for your sake and your partner’s sake).
3. Rejuvenate and reshape your smile to its proper look and function.
4. Cosmetically improve your facial structure.
5. Open your airways for easier breathing.
6. Treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) discomfort and pain.

How do DNA appliances work?
DNA appliances work by straightening and correcting the alignment of teeth and dental arches. To do this, DNA appliances gently apply pressure to the upper arch in your mouth, slowly repositioning and reshaping your facial structure. This helps to pull the lower jaw forward, widen your upper arch and open your airways for better breathing and an overall more functional mouth and facial structure.

Are DNA appliances permanent?
No! Each patient, mouth and dental situation is unique, so overall treatment times can vary, however each DNA appliance is easily removable!

When should you wear your DNA appliance?
DNA appliances are worn similarly to dental retainers, except you only need to wear them in the evening. This means you can enjoy and live your days without needing to wear any dental appliances, allowing you to smile, talk, eat and brush your teeth as you normally would. Simply put in the DNA appliance when you are going to bed and take it out when you wake up and start your day.

Do DNA appliances hurt to wear?
No! DNA appliances are non-invasive appliances that gently correct and realign teeth over time. By wearing the DNA appliance only in the evening, your mouth isn’t under constant stress.

Call Dassani Dentistry today to learn more about how a DNA appliance can help you. For new patients, call 281.667.4070. Current patients call 281.488.2617.

Dr. Meghna Dassani, DMD, a general, family & cosmetic dentist, offers dentistry with cleanings, teeth whitening and implants.

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