About Gum Recession

Understanding Gum Recession and Its Effects On Your Oral Health

Effective gum recession treatment to restore your smile

What Is Gum Recession?

Gum recession occurs when the gums begin to pull away from the roots of the teeth. This can occur when you have gum disease that wears away some of the gum tissue, or when there is an excessive amount of tartar and plaque buildup around the teeth. Receding gums can make your teeth appear larger than normal and also make your teeth more sensitive. Gum recession treatment can not only improve your oral health but can also improve the appearance of your smile.

Getting Treatment for Receding Gums

The gums act as a barrier between your teeth and the environment, so receding gums can make your teeth more vulnerable to developing cavities and a host of other oral health issues. We encourage patients to undergo treatment for receding gums when they are feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their smile, or when they notice their teeth are becoming extremely sensitive.

Tips for Preventing Gum Recession

Visiting us regularly for dental cleanings and oral checkups can prevent gum recession and a number of other oral health problems. We encourage all patients to protect the health of their gums by eating a well-balanced diet, using the right tooth-brushing technique, refraining from using tobacco products, and getting treatment for a misaligned bite or teeth-grinding problems. Avoiding tongue and lip piercings can also reduce the risk of wearing down the gums.


Gum Recession Treatment with PST™

Even though gum contouring and gum recession surgery are some options for restoring the gum line after gum recession, you may be a better candidate for a minimally invasive technique known as the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™). This procedure can effectively restore the gum line without surgery and protect your oral health over the long-term.

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