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Posted May 27, 2015 / Blog, Dental News, Dental Services, Dental Technology
Meghna Dassani, DMD

Freedom from Traditional Braces

Start on a new path toward straighter teeth! Traditional braces, with their brackets and wires and colored bands can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. If you’ve always wanted a more beautiful smile but were scared away by the thought of braces that made you look like a teenager, now is the time to start that […]

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Posted March 13, 2015 / Blog, Dental Services, Dental Technology
Meghna Dassani, DMD

Get Your Smile Back with Dental Implants

Don’t let dentures or gaps in your teeth take away your confidence! Talk to Dr. Meghna Dassani about dental implants and get started on a path to reclaiming your smile! Dassani Dentistry offers the best dental implant technology available and we love to help our Houston patients regain their confidence with a beautiful, healthy mouth. What are Dental […]

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Posted December 27, 2014 / Blog, Dental News, Dental Services
Meghna Dassani, DMD

Have a broken or loose tooth? We can help!

Have you or any of your family members injured a tooth these past few months? Maybe you got a little overzealous with some corn on the cob, maybe your daughter tripped during a game of tag and chipped her tooth, or maybe your mother chipped her tooth on a walnut, we can help fix these […]

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Posted June 27, 2014 / Blog, Dental Services
Meghna Dassani, DMD

What to do when you need an Emergency Dentist

Sometimes we forget how much peril everyday life puts our teeth in. Taking a bite out of a fresh apple, playing pretty much any sport, chewing ice, or just a healthy dose of clumsiness can result in a chipped, broken, knocked out, or loose tooth. Dr. Meghna Dassani is a trained emergency dentist and we at Dassani […]

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Posted December 13, 2013 / Blog, Dental Services
Meghna Dassani, DMD

Importance of Teeth Alignment

Why Do My Teeth Need To Be Aligned? The only reason people get braces is to improve their smile, right? Wrong! Occlusion, or the alignment of your teeth, is a crucial factor in the health and functionality of your entire mouth. It may not seem like anything more than a cosmetic issue, but malocclusion (misaligned […]

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